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Handsome Husky Stud

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New York.

Siberian Husky

Date of Birth:
25 November 2013

7 years, 5 months, 14 days

Date Listed:
17 April 2021

Dog (male)



Howdy folks. I’m trying to stud my boy Lycos (leaky). He’s a second generation Champion bloodline, from my first ever husky (Achilles). Unfortunately he doesn’t have papers, he was bred with a local husky to complete my small sled team and family. Lycos is a one of a kind dog with a thick black and white coat and a parti eye. (One blue, one brown and blue). At a whopping 60+ pounds, he’s the largest husky to have graced myself or his mother’s blood line. I’m looking to stud him with a pure bred to simply continue his lineage. He has been the best dog at pulling commands, speed and stamina. Even in his middle aged years he startles me on our solo runs. I don’t require payment or a cut fromthe litter. All my family and I are asking for is pick of the litter and possibly a second puppy (girl). Please contact me anytime with inquiries or questions!

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