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Classic Imperial Pekingese

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Mr. Darcy

Los Angeles, CA


Date of Birth:
27 April 2015

8 years, 1 months, 14 days

Date Listed:
24 April 2021

Dog (male)



Mr. Darcy is a fellow Instagram Doggo, promoting Pekingese love, looking for Ms. Right Bitch right now :) Mr. Darcy is a classic cream colored peke with the white MONK’S KISS on his forehead. He’s got the breed specific brachycephallic skull, with underbite, has a proud chest and smaller waist, with stubby legs and a gloriously plumed, tightly curled tail. His gait is a playful trot with interchanging hind feet. He’s characteristically snobby upon first meeting, like a typical Pekingese, but like a typical Pekingese is a very loving companion to his family. It’s hard to get that centuries-old breed to change, so he wears a wrap, in case he wants to mark territory, which he’ll only do when another male is in his space. Although he is not registered with any groups, all his litter mates, both parents, and paternal grandparents have the look of the classic Imperial Pekingese from the old books about these magnificent Lion Dogs / Victorian Pekingese. They all appear as Old Blood with the lion’s mane and typical guard dog peke demeanor. Mr. Darcy has put aside his prejudice for the Bitch who’ll put aside her pride. ;) For his studly services, we would like to pick the female or have pick of the litter if there are at least 2 pups, and get a second pup if there are at least 5 pups in the litter. (We do have another Male Pekingese to stud if Mr. Darcy is not the Stud for your Bitch.)

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