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High Pedigree Cane Corso Stud ready to breed.

High Pedigree Cane Corso Stud ready to breed.  Listing Image

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Southeast United States, Northwest Florida

Kennel club name:
American Kennel Club

Cane Corso

Date of Birth:
02 February 2020

1 years, 7 months, 20 days

Date Listed:
13 August 2021

Dog (male)



Bear is a phenomenal dog. He’s incredibly intelligent, has great instincts for protection, but is exceptionally gentle with all people and animals. He is a registered service animal and a therapy dog. He travels well and has a great disposition for new environments and is always up for new adventures. He’s been raised in a home with three rambunctious young boys and is the perfect pet for a young family. He loves running on lead next to us while mountain biking or hiking - very athletic for a 140 pound male cane corso. His sire is a world champion and it shows in this pick of the litter. I can ship his semen in a temperature controlled device. I use extender to keep the sample viable for up to 21 days. But can overnight it to you or your vet for freshest possible artificial insemination. If insemination fails to produce litter I’ll ship another sample for the cost of shipping up to 12 months from original shipment. $2000 for AI. $1500 for in person visit. Must bring your bitch to him if in person.

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