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Blue Eyed Blue Merle Miniature Aussiedoodle F1 Generation

Blue Eyed Blue Merle Miniature Aussiedoodle F1 Generation  Listing Image

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Kennel club name:
Continental Kennel Club

Australian Shepherd

Date of Birth:
10 June 2021

0 years, 3 months, 12 days

Date Listed:
29 August 2021

Dog (male)



F1 Generation Top Breed Quality Miniature Aussiedoodle. Beautifully Perfect Blue eyed, Blue Merle with perfect Copper and Black accent markings in his coat, wavy texture (NO FRIZZ!) with perfect symmetrical Aussie teddy bear features. This is a very sweet boy, super quiet, only speaks up when he wants to communicate to his people. Gentle disposition, true velcro dog, learns very quickly and continues to amaze us! Great service or agility trick learning plus he is a waterdog! He is currently being trained as a service pup. 5 generation lineage tree proof. Pedigree Genetics from great AKC parents, both genetically tested to be defect-free from lines on both sides. Pictures start from Birth and will be added as he grows to adulthood. Weight, and Size to be posted in February 2022 (He is expected to be 25lbs or less!!) and Services can be performed beginning March 1, 2022 via veterinary assisted insemination or we can travel to accommodate within Dam's environment to reduce cortisol stress.

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