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Gorgeous Color Me Bad Cesar Son Stud Service Open

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Rodriquez Bulldogs TURBO


Kennel club name:

Bulldog (British Only)

Date of Birth:
30 November 2015

5 years, 10 months, 19 days

Date Listed:
09 October 2021

Dog (male)



Turbo is an extrodinary stud he is a proven producer when Turbo isnt making beautiful babies he is at home relaxing and enjoying life running after his ball and playing in his kiddie pool, chewing up his favorite shoe or giving lots of slobbery kisses to his family distant relatives and friend. If your looking for a complete rare stud that carries every rare exotic color a sweet personality and can complement your female with thick fat headed healthy puppies look no further you have found him. Shipped Chilled, Frozen or Fresh semen available world wide. Special stud fee price is limited time only. Turbo has several satisfied families who have chosen him for there females. As of October seventh twenty twenty one Turbo has eightynine percent sperm mobility so he definitely can get the job done.

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