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Blue Heeler Stud

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Texas , But Will Travel For The Right Fit. East Texas But Currently In Central Texas For Work

Kennel club name:

Australian Shepherd

Date of Birth:
31 October 2013

8 years, 1 months, 9 days

Date Listed:
25 November 2021

Dog (male)



Brewsky just turned 8, He is pure bred without papers. I could’ve got papers for him for extra money but that was never why I was in it. Both of his parents are 2 working dogs out of Pleasanton , Tx .He is the smartest dog. The most Loyal, he has a very extensive vocabulary and a personality out of this world that you wish most people had. He has traveled the country with me for work and met thousands of people all over the US and everyone that meets him wants an offspring from him. I can help sell them if need be. I don’t want money I just want one pup. He is too good of a friend to let the bloodline stop here. If you ever met him you wouldn’t worry about papers either. Honestly I can sell the pups for more then AKC pups are going for. Contact me for more pictures I have a share file with plenty to look at and you may even get a taste of his personality.

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