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One smart weiner

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Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Date of Birth:
27 January 2016

7 years, 0 months, 11 days

Date Listed:
13 September 2022

Dog (male)



Harvey is a very loving dog full of energy and life. He is sweet and wants to be near u always. He won't even hurt a fly. He would be a good dog to breed. Harvard carries the dapple gene and he has produced one dapple puppy out of the one time he's been bread. I would love someone to be interested in breeding their bitch with him. He is very intelligent. The person who had him before me let him relieve himself in the house and he knew not one basic command, but I got him trained right away. Harvard now knows all the basic commands. He also is potty trained he doesn't relieve himself in the house anymore, and he learned all this in a few weeks. He's just all around a great dog.

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