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Date of Birth:
08 March 2020

2 years, 10 months, 30 days

Date Listed:
19 January 2023

Dog (male)



DIESEL was bred with great purpose. I can supply specimens via USPS, or I am willing to meet and perform Artificial Insemination (AI) or allow our pups to mate naturally. PURPOSE: A need arose when a family was desperately searching for answers; solutions to supply quality of life for their Autistic child. I AM A RESCUER, AND DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF A BREEDER. My pups have been rescued, including those easily forgotten, one requiring heart surgery and having a broken tail. I am referring to our Patrick, a Mini CheasapeakeDoodle that was saved by a veterinarian, who was attending to a litter of puppies on a farm and heard crying coming from a hole in the ground, where both Patrick and his brother were left to die. Following surgery, Patrick has remained with us and is now four years old and in excellent health! Patrick’s brother was adopted by an employee at Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR). I have many years of experience training pups of all kinds and sizes and believe that puppy training is necessary and early developmental bonding with their human family is a key component FOR success! DIESEL IS ADORED FOR BEING A FUN-LOVING, FRIENDLY, CALMING PRESENSE THAT GIVES MOST ANYONE A HUG; A SPECIAL CONNECTION WITH THOSE THAT HAVE SENSORY, EMOTIONAL AND/OR PHYSICAL SPECIALITIES. DIESEL is a sturdy pup; not easily hurt or underfoot, and by nature is one to be near his human family members whenever possible. He weighs 27 pounds, and his PUPS ARE WEIGHING IN BETWEEN 24 AND 30 POUNDS (depending on their gender). DIESEL AND HIS PUPS ARE JUST AMAZING!! CALM, HUGGABLE AND EFFECTIONATE, LIKE LIVE STUFFED ANIMALS, AND OH SO SMART, PROTECTIVE, ADAPTABLE AND LOVING!! DIESEL’S pups travel with their companions to provide needed consistency IN varied ENVIRONMENTS, including WORK, THE CLASSROOM, TO DIFFERENT HOMES, TO JOB TRAINING AND TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH GRANDMA! DIESEL’S POSITIVETY IMPACTED THE LIVES OF SO MANY DURING COVID, MOSTLY OUR OWN FAMILY! THE LOVE OF DIESEL IS LIKE NO OTHER! DIESEL is one of three four-legged family members, sharing the spotlight with Patrick, mentioned earlier and BB! RESCUING IS WHERE MY HEART AND MIND ARE, AND WHILE TAKING THAT INTO CONSIDERATION, MATCHING THE PERFECT PUP AND THE PERFECT FAMILY IS RESCUING. ORIGINALLY, I ONLY CONSIDERED BREEDING DIESEL FOR ONE LITTER, FOR THE PURPOSE OF HELPING A SPECIFIC FAMILY. Now, two years later and with over 100 requests for DIESEL’s pups, I have agreed to allow DIESEL to be a STUD before he is neutered. I HAVE FINALLY GIVEN IN, BECAUSE HE IS JUST THAT SPECIAL! DIESEL has proven himself and has SIRED/PRODUCED ONE PERFECTLY HEALTHY LITTER OF THREE PUPS! ALL OF WHICH ARE DOING GREAT THINGS, BRINGING JOY, HOPE AND LOVE TO THEIR FAMILIES! TWO OF WHICH LOOK JUST LIKE DIESEL, AND THE OTHER LOOKS LIKE THEIR MOTHER! ALL OF THEM WITH A BEAUTIFUL WAVY FURRY COAT, HAPPY AND HEALTHY! Please note that the pups in Diesel’s litter were SPAYED OR NEUTERED at the proper age, as his pups were released to their human forever families with that provision in place. SOMETHING I CHERISH WITH EACH NEW DAY IS A ROUTINE THAT DEISEL AND I BEGAN WHEN DIESEL WAS JUST FIVE WEEKS OLD... DIESEL IS A TALKER AND LOVE YAWNER! I IMAGINE THAT HE IS TELLING ME ABOUT HIS DREAMS EACH MORNING! ALL-THE-WHILE USING HIS INSIDE VOICE AND SOUNDING A WHOLE LOT LIKE CHEWBACCA FROM STARWARS, we discuss chasing SQUIRRELS AND BALLS!! I admit that this may sound crazy, however if you are unable to relate, please move on to a different STUD. AS YOU ARE INTERVIEWING FOR THE PERFECT STUD, I WILL BE INTERVIEWING FOR THE PERFECT MATE, THAT TOGETHER, WILL BRING KINDNESS, PURPOSE AND MEANING TO OUR WORLD.

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