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F1 Aussiedoodle

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Lucia (Lucy)



Date of Birth:
15 February 2022

1 years, 3 months, 24 days

Date Listed:
20 February 2023

Bitch (female)



Temperament: Lucia is a highly intelligent, active, loving Aussiedoodle coming from a litter of 13. Lucia loves making new friends with humans and animals alike. She is her mama's shadow and loves cuddling. Lucia enjoys mental stimulation and has seven slow feeders that she has mastered. Body: Lucia is mostly black with a white chest and stomach. She has white and black "sock" paws, a white-tipped tail, and a white and black face. Lucia is slender, weighing only 41lbs. Health: Lucia has been health and genetic tested through Embark. She is not at risk for any of the genetic health conditions Embark tests for. She has no allergies, perfect teeth, and has no issues with her hips, elbows, and joints. Why we want to breed Lucia: Lucia's mom has owned doodles for 20 years. She is aware of the importance of ethical breeding and believes that Lucia is the perfect fit to mother a litter. Looking for a Standard Poodle, Bernedoodle, or F1 Aussiedoodle, or Goldendoodle stud. Must be genetically tested as well with compatible results… We want healthy pups! She will be in her next heat fall 2023. NOTE: Lucia has been matched with her perfect stud! Feel free to reach out again in the future!

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