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BreedYourDog USA is the largest and fastest-growing dog breeding website. No matter where you are in the world you can still join and use BreedYourDog.com to advertise your dogs.

The No1 site and No1 Choice for Stud Dogs, Bitches and Puppies, with over 3500 visitors a day that's over 1,000,000 visitors a year all looking at your adverts. BreedYourDog.com is also the UK, Canada and Europe's largest stud dogs breeding website.

Its a worldwide website dedicated to dog breeding in the USA where you can advertise your stud dog, bitch and puppies  FREE.

Find your perfect stud dog, bitch or puppy today, FREE to advertise, FREE to join, browse 10,000s of listings.

We are a dog breeding website designed to bring dog owners who wish to breed from their pets together. At breedyourdog.com you can view profiles and pedigrees of stud dogs, bitches or puppies before you make the decision to contact the owner. We also offer dog breeding information and advice on how to go about breeding your stud dog and bitch.

Further down the line you can come back to breedyourdog.com and advertise your puppies for sale.

If you are just looking for a new puppy, you can view profiles and pedigrees of puppies before you make the decision to contact the owner.

What makes breedyourdog.com different is that we don't charge to join or list and advertise your stud dog, bitch or puppies on our free account, and because you are in charge of your own account, you can keep the information about your stud dog, bitch and puppies up-to-date and remove the listing when you need to. Puppy listings are automatically removed after six months if you have not already sold all your puppies and removed the listing yourself.

  • It's FREE to join and advertise your stud dog, bitch or puppiesPERMANENTLY
  • We don't differentiate between private individuals and professional dog breeders.
  • Unlike magazine advertising, our users can update or remove their stud dog, bitch and puppy adverts at will.
  • We offer support to our users with a range of dog breeding articles.
  • We are happy to receive your email queries about dog breeding or using this site.
  • Our sophisticated search tool allows you to search for exactly the stud dog, bitch or puppies you are looking for without having to trawl through irrelevant listings.

To find a stud dog or bitch, simply go to our Find a Stud Dog or Bitch page and complete the simple search form or just browse all of the available stud dogs and bitches.

To find a litter of puppies or just a puppy simply go to our Find a Puppy page and complete the simple search form or just browse all of the available puppies.

To advertise your stud dog, bitch or puppies for Free simply create an account in the, your details section which is also Free. Or you can connect with a stud dog, bitch or puppy owner (for a small administration fee, $1.50)

Memorials Page

The BreedYourDog Memorials page is for anyone who wants to place, a memory of their dog. You may put any dogs on here, even if they were never listed on the site and they passed away many years ago. It's always hard when you lose your best friend, we just thought it may help to allow you to give them the mention they deserve. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all of you who have gone through the experience of losing your dog...

Dog Breeding Information

Make sure you take a look at our dog breeding and puppy advice pages, which give helpful advice about things to think about before breeding your dog and take you step by step through the dog breeding process. Once the puppies are born or your puppy is home with you, advice on caring for the litter of puppies and the bitch. The first few weeks with your new puppy in your home are a very important time for creating a strong bond. We give advice on arriving home with your puppy, feeding your puppy, exercising your puppy, vaccinations and micro-chipping your puppy, toilet training your puppy and house training your puppy.

If you have any questions about stud dogs, bitches, puppies or suggestions for our site, we would be happy to hear from you.

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