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About Breed Your Dog

Welcome to breedyourdog.com - a new concept in dog breeding. We offer a great online service to all dog breeders.

breedyourdog.com is a site that has been created for dog breeders and anyone who wants to breed from their dogs.

We offer a wealth of information for dog breeders, from advice on choosing a mate to pregnancy and whelping, and from taking care of the litter to advertising and rehoming the puppies.

We also cater to people looking to purchase a puppy. Our puppies for sale listings put potential owners in touch with dog breeders with litters available. We also offer information and advice about choosing the right breed and then choosing the right puppy.

The site also offers information to new puppy owners on how to care for the new addition to their family.

Our Dog Health section offers an extensive list of canine ailments and diseases and offers definitions and symptoms. We are not vets and therefore do not offer solutions or treatments. There is no substitute for qualified veterinary advice and we encourage you to seek this advice in any medical circumstance.

To find a stud dog or bitch, simply go to our find a stud dog or bitch page and complete the simple search form or just browse the list.

To list a stud dog or bitch for free, or connect with a dog's owner or a dog breeder (for a small administration fee), simply create an account.

The information contained in the pages of this website has been extensively researched, however, we would be grateful for you to contact us if you feel that important information has been omitted or is incorrect.

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