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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm thinking of breeding my dog, where can I find more information

Our website offers a good range of articles and dog breeding advice about what to think about before you breed your dog, and also what happens during the breeding process.

  • Is there a charge for listing my stud dog

Listing a stud dog on breedyourdog.com is free for one dog and easy to do. Simply go to the list your dog now button on the home page and choose the free plan for one dog or a paid plan for multiple dogs then enter the details of your stud dog or bitch. You can upload photos of your dog/bitch too.

  • I'm looking for a puppy, can you help

Yes! breedyourdog.com has a database of litters of puppies for sale, so you can search for puppies by breed or by area. When you've found a litter of puppies you are interested in, you can contact the breeder for a small charge. You may also want to read through our Advice on Puppies section.

  • I having trouble finding the breed of dog I want.

Breedyourdog.com runs a range of advertising campaigns online. We receive on average 40 to 60 new members a day and we have over 20,000 stud dog listings. This means if you can't find what you need now, check back soon as our listings are constantly increasing.

  • How to cancel my account/subscription

To cancel your account with us and any associated PayPal subscription. First, you need to log in to your BreedYourDog account. Once logged in you will see the dashboard. At the dashboard, you will see the Close Account button. Click the close account button and you will see a message saying "Are you sure you wish to close your Breed Your Dog account? If you have an active paid subscription, this will also be cancelled". Now click the Close Account button in red and your BreedYourDog account and any Paypal subscriptions will be cancelled.

  • How long will it take to breed my dog

Whether you will manage to be contacted and breed your dog is a little bit of a hard question. It is all down to if there is a Bitch in your rough area looking for a stud dog of your particular breed. What you are doing by advertising on our website is maximising your chance of being the person that is contacted by the owner of that bitch. All we can say is put lots of information about your dog and the best possible pictures of your dog as this will certainly maximise your chance of you being the one contacted. We see it is the dogs with the most information and top-quality pictures showing the best attributes of their dogs that are the ones that receive the most contacts. Listings with poor or no pictures and little information of the dog receive hardly any or no contacts. But remember even with everything being right with your listing it can still take a long time.

  • How to create a listing

Ok, first you need to log in to BreedYourDog.com. Once logged in you will see the dashboard. At the dashboard click on new stud dog listing (this is to advertise bitches as well as stud dogs). Fill in the form and click submit. You have just created your dog listing.

  • How to make contact with a dog owner

Once you have registered with the site and found the stud dog, bitch or puppy that you are interested in you now click on the "Contact the Owner" tab on the right of the listing. You will be given a reminder that the contact information will cost you 1 credit, you can still change your mind at this stage. When you are sure that you want to use a credit, click "Continue". If you do not have any credits on your account at this point you will be taken through to our payment gateway to pay for as many credits you think you may need. You will then be offered the stud dog, bitch or puppy owners chosen methods of contact, usually a telephone number and or email address. It is then up to you to make contact with the dog's owner.

  • What happens if I put contact details in my listing or on my pictures

If you put your contact details ie Phone numbers, email addresses, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and website addresses or any other contact info in your listing your account will be automatically suspended. Our system crawls the site constantly everyday day looking of contact details in listings and on pictures.

  • What happens if I upload a picture with a watermark or signature

If you upload a picture with a watermark or signature we will have to remove it. As a website, we cannot check that everyone has the correct copyright permissions with every picture uploaded to the website. The site has in excess of 100,000 pictures on it and it would be impossible to keep control of this, thus the blanket ban on watermarks and signatures.


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