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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm thinking of breeding my dog, where can I find more information

Our website offers a good range of articles and dog breeding advice about what to think about before you breed your dog, and also what happens during the breeding process.

  • Is there a charge for listing my stud dog

Listing a stud dog on breedyourdog.com is free and easy to do. Simply go to the list your dog now button on the home page and choose a plan then enter the details of your stud dog. You can upload stud dog photos too.

  • I'm looking for a puppy, can you help

Yes! breedyourdog.com has a database of litters of puppies for sale in the UK, so you can search for puppies by breed or by area. When you've found a litter of puppies you are interested in, you can contact the breeder for a small charge. You may also want to read through our Advice on Puppies section.

  • I having trouble finding the breed of dog I want.

Breedyourdog.com runs a range of advertising campaigns, both printed in magazines and newspapers and online. Advertising a stud dog, bitch or litter of puppies is FREE on breedyourdog.com, we receive on average 20 to 40 new members a day and approximately seven stud dogs and two puppy litters every day. This means if you can't find what you need now, check back soon as our listings are constantly increasing.


  • How to cancel my subscription


To cancel a subscription you must do so by logging into your PayPal account at http://www.PayPal.co.uk and select "Breed Your Dog [plan] - [price] / year". Subscriptions cannot be cancelled by us.

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