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Before Conception

  • Health
  • Perfect Partner
  • Pedigrees
  • Stud Fees

Health - It is essential, if you care about your bitch, to get her checked over by the vet. She needs to be in good health and any genetic illnesses specific to her breed need to be ruled out. You must make sure that her vaccinations are up-to-date and that she has been wormed.

Perfect Partner - Once you have found a dog, make sure he has a good temperament. Try and spend some time with him to get a good idea of temperament. Also, make sure a vet has checked him over to rule out any genetic illnesses specific to the breed. Like the bitch, his vaccinations need to be up-to-date and he must be wormed. Be sure that the dog is a good specimen of his breed. See Breed Profiles for more information.

Pedigrees - Check the pedigree of the dog before conception. Make sure it is authentic. Breeding with a crossbreed will only produce more crossbreeds and they will not only be difficult to rehome, but the genetic history of the dog will be unknown. Check that the dog and bitch are not related. Genetic defects can arise with sister to brother, mother to son, father to daughter, and cousin combinations.

Also, check the pedigree of the dog and the bitch to make sure there are no breeding endorsements. An endorsement is a restriction that has been placed on the registration by the breeder to protect the dog and the breed. An endorsement can only be removed by the breeder who placed it.

Stud Fees - There is no law that states a fee for the use of a stud dog. However, the general 'rule of thumb' is that the owner of the dog may choose to have the pick of the litter or the price of a puppy. Make sure that both you and the dog owner are clear on the method of payment before you start.

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