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Afghan Hound

General Description

Afghans have a very long and very fine coat that can be various colours. They have a dignified and graceful poise. A long refined head and ears covered with long silky fur. The Afghan hound is a large breed though well proportioned with long legs and a long body.

General Health

Afghans can suffer with Necrotic Myelopathy, which is a respiratory paralysis. They can be sensitive to anaesthetics and allergies to milk can be common in puppies. Afghans can be prone to ear mites and yeast infections.

Hereditary Illnesses

Cataracts and hypothyroidism.

Character and Temperament

These dogs have an independent spirit yet can still be very affectionate with their owners. They they can be tolerant of children but may be problematic with small pets. Although in different with strangers they can be very playful with unfamiliar dogs. A sensitive and elegant dog that can remain aloof as well as showing a keen side in their nature.


Afghans can become fussy eaters. They need a strict regime of no treats from a very young age. Occasionally afghans develop allergies to cows milk.


Afghans have a lot of energy and enjoy daily walks with plenty of time off the lead to run. As puppies their exercise must be monitored carefully so as not to damage bones. Although their exercise requirements are high and they have a lot of energy, when it home they can be calm and relaxed.


Afghans look lovely when they're fully groomed but it can take a long time each day to look after their coats. It is recommended that you take them to a professional groomer regularly.


Afghan hounds date back to pre Christian times, they are among the most ancient of breeds. It is thought that they were originally bred for chasing large game such as deer and Leopard.


The first known afghan hound in this country was called Zardin and was brought over from Afghanistan by Captain Banff.

Aghans like complete privacy when whelping.


Average Dog Size


Average Dog Weight


Average Bitch Size


Average Bitch Weight


Average Litter Size

8, but this varies greatly from 1 to 15!

Average Life Expectancy


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