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Airedale Terrier

General Description

Hard wirey outer coat with a soft undercoat. Muscular and well built with long legs. Black and tan.

General Health

Can develop skin problems and tumours later in life. Entropian, cerebellar hypoplasia, bleeding disorders, Von Willebrands disease, pancreatic tumour, lymphadenopathy tumour, malocclusion, nasal tumour, umbilical hernia, dermatitis and bladder tumour. Airedales are also prone to umbilical hernias.

Hereditary Illnesses

Hip dysplasia.

Character and Temperament

Very versatile and easy to train, they are intelligent and adaptable. They make devoted family pets, suitable with children. They make good guard dogs and will protect the family home. Airedales have a potential to be stubborn so they need firm handling.


Airedales are energetic and so need a good quality food.


2 hours a day. Very energetic dogs, love being active and playing games, they are very intelligent. Exercise should be restricted until they are 1 year old.


Airedales shed their coats twice a year. They require brushing everyday and visits to a professional groomer regularly.


Airedales were bred in Yorkshire by local hunters.


Airedale Terriers are also known as 'King of Terriers'.


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