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General Description

Large, powerful and stands proud. Small ears and dark eyes with a thick plush coat. Can be white, brindle or pinto.

General Health

Akitas can suffer from entropian when young, but they can grow out of it. Also, cerebellar hypoplasia and umbilical hernias are not uncommon.

Hereditary Illnesses

Dwarfism, nervous and auto-immune diseases and hip dysplasia.

Character and Temperament

Akitas are intelligent dogs, but they need to be controlled. They need a firm, but loving, discipline. Akitas react badly to harsh methods of discipline. They are very loyal dogs. Generally they do not mix well with children or other animals. Akitas make good guard dogs.


Akitas don't have an enormous appetite, but they will eat almost anything!


At least 2 hours a day, they are very muscular dogs. They have strong hunting instincts and therefore should always be kept on a lead.


Akitas moult heavily, so regular brushing is recommended.


Akitas were bred in Japan in the 17th century.


Just after WW1 they were so rare, they were protected.

False 'heat' cycles are common with Akitas.


Average Dog Size


Average Dog Weight


Average Bitch Size


Average Bitch Weight


Average Life Expectancy

9-15, 15 is quite common.

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