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American Bulldog

General Description

The American Bulldog is a stocky but strong looking dog. Its coat should be short with white or white with patches of colouration. Colours include all white, pied, or up to you 90% colour, Brindle or red patches (red is defined as any shade of tan, brown or red). The Johnsons type is a larger dog with a shorter muzzle than the Scott (standard) type. Many American bulldogs today are hybrids (a mixture of two types).

General Health

In general very healthy, hardy dog.

Hereditary Illnesses

Some strains have hip dysplasia and skin allergies if not bred correctly.

Character and Temperament

American Bulldogs are excellent family members and are particularly good with children of all ages. As a breed they can be great with other small pets as long as they are introduced correctly and at an early age due to their high prey drive. They are a very loyal breed of dog and will do anything to please their owner. They will always protect their family.


No special requirements, two large meals daily which can consist of wet and dry food and where working dogs are concerned a barf diet is recommended.


Should receive at least one hourly walk a day and where possible additional mental and physical stimulation of the dog including weight pulling, spring poll and flirt pole training (once the puppy has reached at least 18 months of age).


Very little grooming is required. The coat should be brushed with a firm brush and only bathed when necessary.


There is much speculation as to the original origin of the American Bulldog. It is thought that the breed had originated from the ancient mastiffs which originated in Asia. They were bred for fighting and bringing down aggressive prey such as bears and wild boars which were pests in certain states. There were originally two separate types of American Bulldog referred to as the Johnsons type and Scott type which were names originating from the breeders, John D Johnson and Allen Scott. These are more commonly referred to today as the bully and standard types.


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