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Australian Shepherd

General Description

Australian Shepherds are solid and muscular dogs. They can be black, blue marl, red and red marl. Whichever colour, they all have white markings on the chest, legs, chin and forehead.

General Health

Cataracts and retinal detachments.

Hereditary Illnesses

Eye problems include coloboma and microopthalmia.

Character and Temperament

Australian Shepherds are very easy to train, because they want to please. They can become easily bored, so they are not ideal as a pet, although they make very good guard dogs. They are very vocal and will protect the owner/family unit. They are bred to work and that is what they are happy to do. Their herding instinct is very strong. It is recommended to use a lead when out walking. Australian Shepherds have a unique bark, which crosses with a howl.


Australian Shepherds can become overweight if allowed. Otherwise they are not fussy eaters.


Long walks daily. Australian Shepherds have lots of energy. It is advisable to keep them on a lead when walking because of their strong herding instincts.


Australian Shepherds have moderate moulting, they need a good brush once a week.


Developed in the Western United States but gained its name through shepherds who came to the United States from Australia.


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