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Australian Terrier

General Description

Long neck and back.

Soft undercoat with a harsh overcoat. Colours red, sandy or dark silvery blue. Some tan markings on head and legs.

General Health

Australian terriers are very hardy little dogs. They live long lives with very little health issues

Hereditary Illnesses

There are no major illnesses associated with this breed.

Character and Temperament

Lively and outgoing, terriers like to be kept busy. They present the courage of a much larger breed and seem to have no end of energy. Very intelligent and loyal with a lot of affection to give. Needs to be supervised when out as they were originally bred for rodent and snake control making them instinctive hunters.


No special requirements.


Australian terriers have lots of energy and enjoy daily walks.


Very little moulting, should be groomed once a week. Coat does not need clipping and is relatively easy to care for. It is advised not to wash the coat too often as the natural oils produced are what keeps it glossy.


Australian born as one of the smallest working terriers. Used for rodent and snake control, as a watchdog and even herding sheep.



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