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General Description

Tall, lean and graceful with long legs and a smooth coat. Mainly fawn in colour with white on the chest, tail and paws. Can have coats with very light sandy colour to dark brown and some red. Also can have dark masking.

General Health

Generally a sound health record. If injured heal quickly and have no listed major health problems

Hereditary Illnesses

Adult idiopathic epilepsy although rare.

Character and Temperament

Rather contrary in their character. They will make a strong bond with the owner but will not necessarily look to them for instruction. Fiercely protective yet extremely affectionate and gentle. Generally Azawakh are a little reserved with strangers but not aggressive. Although they are protectors they do not generally show aggression unless threatened. they have incredible memory and are pack orientated along with being very social and emotional.


no special requirements.


Azawakh need a fairly high level of exercise and regular daily runs are advised.


Esy to maintain with a firm thistle brush and dry shampoo when needed.


From the Sahel region of Africa. Bred by many tribes in the Southern Sahara. Bred for guarding, hunting and companionship.


Average Dog Size

24 - 30

Average Dog Weight


Average Bitch Size


Average Bitch Weight


Average Litter Size

4 - 6

Average Life Expectancy


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