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Bavarian Mountain Hound

General Description

The head of this dog is long but relatively broad with a solid jaw. A well balanced dog of medium size, body slightly longer than high.

Hereditary Illnesses

There are no hereditary health problems reported for this breed

Character and Temperament

A quick learning intelligent hunter. Loyal to owners, calm and well tempered. However as with any bloodhound they need an experienced trainer.


no special requirments


Plenty of exercise needed for these dogs, lots of lead walking and if possible a run off the lead would benefit. Be careful when off the lead they have the tendancy to follow scents to the exclusion of all else.


Recommended to brush and check ears, claws and teeth once a week.


A rare breed founded in 1912 used primarily for hunting and tracking wounded game.


Average Dog Size

18 - 20

Average Dog Weight

50 - 75

Average Bitch Size

17 - 19

Average Bitch Weight

50 - 75

Average Litter Size

7 - 10

Average Life Expectancy

10 -14

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