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General Description

A small to medium sized squarely built dog. Any hound colour including Tri-colour (Black, White & Tan). Sleek, easy care short coat.

General Health

Overall health is generally very good. Beagles can suffer from Iga Deficiency, Pruvate Kinase Deficiency and Multiple Epiphyseal Displasia.

Hereditary Illnesses

Some lines can be prone to heart disease and epilespy.

Character and Temperament

Gentle, calm and lovable yet lively and curious. Sociable, brave and intelligent dogs. Good with children and other dogs but do have a hunting instinct so need to be well socialized with smaller household pets.


Beagles love eating, they will quite easily become overweight if allowed. They are not fussy eaters.


Beagles need quite a lot of exercise a day. They have a very strong instinct to follow a scent, so should not be allowed off the lead until very well trained. Gardens need to be secure, they will jump or dig to follow a trail! You can buy animal scents to allow your dog to satisfy their instinct to track.


Beagles like to make a mess and roll in mud. A quick brush everyday will keep on top of things. Also, their ears need to be checked regularly.


Beagles were known to hunt with the Greeks in about 400 B.C. They came to England in Roman times.


You can expect to pay in the region of 500- 800 for a Beagle with a good pedigree.



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