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Bearded Collie

General Description

Soft, furry coat concealed beneath a shaggy, long rough exterior. Colours can be black, brown or grey and white.

General Health

Can suffer with bone deformities and Persistent Pupillary Membrane
Corneal Dystrophy. Bearded Collies are generally a hardy breed.

Hereditary Illnesses

Bearded Collies are prone to allergies. Hip Dysplasia is also very common. Addisons Disease has also been known to occur in Bearded Collies.

Character and Temperament

Bearded Collies are eager to learn, but they can be quite independent, so they need a consistent but gentle hand. They love to be a part of the family, and enjoy playing. Bearded Collies need company and should not be left alone with nothing to do.


Adequate nutrition in the first year is very important.


Requires long daily walks. Bearded Collies have a lot of energy and enjoy time to run free in a safe area.


Bearded Collies need grooming everyday and a really good brush once or twice a week. During brushing, particular attention needs to be paid to the undercoat, which is prone to matting. Their ears need to be kept clean and the hair between their pads needs to be trimmed regularly.


Bearded Collies were originally bred in Scotland for herding sheep.


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