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General Description

A medium sized well proportioned dog. A long and abundant coat that has long matted sections throughout. Many different colours from grey through to brown/black.

General Health

No reported health issues

Hereditary Illnesses

The health information for this breed is spartan to say the least. It appears that the kennel club conducted a survey in 2004 however only 10 dogs were used not allowing enough statistics to form any concrete information.

Character and Temperament

This is a calm and respectful animal that grow up in harmony with each other. They have a special bond with children becoming protective yet loving and playful forming a true friendship. The Bergamasco is a excellent guard/watch dog but will not be agressive unless they sense the family is under threat.


No special requirements


Long daily walks recommended.


Their coats should be left to develop as naturally as possible. The outer layers of hair, made up of wirey and woolly hair, matt together to form what they call ''flocks''. These flocks develop from puppyhood and establish themselves by the time the dog has reached around 5 years old.


An ancient dog breed at least 2000 years old.


Average Dog Size


Average Dog Weight

70 - 84

Average Bitch Size


Average Bitch Weight

57 - 71

Average Life Expectancy

13 - 15

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