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Bernese Mountain Dog

General Description

A large sized tri-coloured dog. Sturdy, heavy dog with a thick double coat.


General Health

Caesarean section is common with this breed. Hardy breed generally but cancer plays a big part in this breed resulting in a generally low life expectancy.

Hereditary Illnesses

Advise to be aware of hip/ elbow dysplasia. Prone to cancer.

Character and Temperament

A truly loyal friend. Happy and intelligent dogs. Easy to train and great with children. They are confident and alert and can be slow to mature so puppy behavior can be present for quite a while. They can be sensative and require a social life with company always present. No firm/harsh training advised.


No special requirements


These are large active dogs and require a lot of excercise.


Daily brushing is important especially when they are shedding.


It is thought that the breed may have come from the Swiss mountains and would have been bred as a farm dog.


The average lifespan of these dogs decreased from 10 - 12 years to 6 - 8 years after the BMD Club of America conducted a survey and found that the average death was 7.2 years. This was mainly due to cancer and the BMD club are researching intensely to try and end this issue.


Average Dog Size

24 - 28

Average Dog Weight

85 - 110

Average Bitch Size

23 - 27

Average Bitch Weight

80 - 105

Average Litter Size

1 - 14 average 8

Average Life Expectancy

6 - 8 years

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