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Bichon Frise

General Description

A small sturdy dog with a black nose and dark eyes. It has a curly white outer coat with a silky undercoat.

General Health

Irregular heat cycles are common. Bichon Frise don't like pain and so caesareans are common.

Hereditary Illnesses

Can suffer from watery eyes and epilepsy. Possible sensitivity to flea bites.

Character and Temperament

An intelligent and affectionate dog that loves human company. Quite independent and happy without the tendency to yap. They are easy to train and generally love everyone they come across! They do need clear rules to follow and work well to boundaries of what they can and cant do. Excellent with children.


no special requirements


Daily walks recommended.


Frequent grooming. It is recommended that they are bathed every month. Clean eyes well to prevent staining. Trim around the eyes to help avoid any eye problems caused by too much hair obstructing their sight.


First appearing in the 14th Century, traded by Spanish sailors, becoming a favorite with the French royal courts in the 16th Century.


Average Dog Size

9 - 12

Average Dog Weight

7 - 12

Average Bitch Size

9 - 11

Average Bitch Weight

7 - 12

Average Litter Size

average 4 - 5

Average Life Expectancy


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