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Biewer Terriers

General Description

The Biewer Terrier is a new and rare breed known for it's regal, tri-colored toy terrier looks with a charming, fun, whimsical attitude that they carry well into adulthood.  The Biewer's dedication and loyalty make them the perfect pet. Acceptable colours are white background with either Black Tan, Blue Tan or Chocolate Tan.  White Chocolate Tan  Biewers are also referred to as Biro and are the rarest colour.

General Health

The Biewer Terrier is a relatively healthy dog, with no known excessive issues.

Hereditary Illnesses

None known

Character and Temperament

They fit well a wide range of households, from single and senior citizens to families with children. They are very intelligent, lighthearted, and easy to train. They have a childlike attitude and like to carry toys in their mouths. Quick to alert you to company, but is not a constant barker. They are not guard dogs, friendly with strangers, especially if carrying treats or open to a game of fetch. 


Generally not fussy or greedy. Some dogs may have sensitive GI systems. Should be fed a well-balanced diet


The Biewer Terrier is a rather mellow, easy-going dog. A game of fetch might need to be followed by a nap.  In spite of its small stature, the Biewer is a very hearty and agile dog they can be great playmates and would be up for a longer walk as long as they can be together with the family.


Similarly to other non-shedding breeds requires professional grooming on a regular basis. With upright ears, they are less prone to ear infections.

For owners who opt to keep a long coat, should be brushed every day and bathed regularly. 

For owners who opt to keep a short coat, minimal grooming is needed


Germany, the first Biewer Terrier (pronounced Beaver) was born in the 1980s to Yorkshire Terrier parents as the first pup with white in its fur due to a rare occurrence of a recessive piebald gene.  The breed was further established and first imported to the US in 2003. In 2021 it was accepted by the American Kennel Club as its own breed a separate from the Yorkshire Terrier.  It is the first breed in history to be recognized as a purebred as a result of a genetic study. This new breed is rare with relatively very few dogs in the world but this won't be the case for long as this fun, intelligent, low-maintenance dog is winning hearts across the world.


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