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Black Mouth Cur

General Description

The Black Mouth Cur has a short, dense coat that is typically yellow, fawn, or light brown in color, although dark brown, brindle, and black individual animals are known. The breed's head is broad and flat, they have drooped ears and a powerful, distinctively melanistic black muzzle.

General Health

Like all other medium to large dogs, the Black Mouth Cur is at risk for arthritis and hip dysplasia. Preventative care for their joints is essential for a long and happy life. Keep your dog at a healthy weight because obesity puts extra strain on their joints.

Character and Temperament

Productive, loyal, fearless, kind, attractive and trainable


The Black Mouth Cur is energetic and requires a yard to run and burn off energy, as well as a minimum of one long walk per day. Anything less may result in boredom and destructive behavior.


The Black Mouth Cur, also known as the Southern Cur, Southern Black Mouth Cur, and the Yellow Black Mouth Cur, is a medium to a large sized breed of cur-type dog from the United States. Originating in the south of the country, the breed is a popular hunting companion used to hunt a large variety of game.

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