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General Description

Bloodhounds are the largest of the hound group. They are powerful dogs. They have droopy ears and eyelids and a wrinkled forehead. They are tan in colour, but this can be mixed with liver or black.

General Health

Eye infections caused by debris and foreign bodies collecting in the lower lid. Also ear infections and bone disorders.

Bloodhounds are slow whelpers and caesareans are common.

Hereditary Illnesses

Hip and elbow dysplasia.

Character and Temperament

Bloodhounds are very friendly dogs. They make great family pets, but do not like being left alone. They have a wonderful temperament, gentle and affectionate and good with children. They love all the attention they can get and need firm but gentle training.


Bloodhounds have a healthy appetite and require a fair amount of food daily.


Bloodhounds are very energetic. They need plenty of exercise to keep them muscular.


Brush once a week. Also, a Bloodhounds eyes and ears should be checked regularly for signs of infection.


Belgium. The Bloodhound was introduced to England as far back as the 11th century when the Normans conquered England. They were used for hunting game, wolves and deer.


The first time a Bloodhound was entered into a show was back in 1871.

Bloodhounds can follow any scent, even human - a rare ability in a dog.



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