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General Description

Small and compact with a distinctive single coat. The hair is in loose open ringlets of a woolly texture as apposed to silky. Pure white coats.

General Health

No major health problems reported

Hereditary Illnesses

None reported

Character and Temperament

Playful and friendly and will form a close bond with its owner. Its eagerness to please and its bright mind makes this little dog easy to train. Not a yappy dog but has very good hearing and will bark at noises it does not know, so introduction to noises and people at an early age recommended.


No special requirements


Daily walks recommended.


This breed has little to no shedding. Daily brushing required.


Bolognese is thought to have descended from bichon-type dogs in southern Italy, around the 11th or 12th century.


Average Dog Size

10 - 12

Average Dog Weight

5 - 9

Average Bitch Size

10 - 11

Average Bitch Weight

5 - 9

Average Litter Size

average of 3

Average Life Expectancy

12 - 14

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