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Border Terrier

General Description

A small dog with longer legs than it's other Terrier types. Small, well balanced features, with a coarse, dense coat. A lean, active type build. 

General Health

 Normally a very healthy breed

Hereditary Illnesses

Very low numbers of breed related illnesses reported. Some congenital heart disporders.

Character and Temperament

These are active, keen and intelligent dogs. Very trainable but will need consistent training as these dogs do have quite an independent attitude.  Brave little dogs that are also sociable and fun loving. They are good as a family pet as they get on well with all members of the family although care around smaller pets is advised.


Small meals are necessary to keep a healthy balance and well fed dog. They will overeat if allowed.


They enjoy lots of exercise daily and need to be kept active both mentally and physically.


Once a week is usually enough with a rubber brush.


From the 18th Century, based in Scotland, border terriers were used to work with livestock. They were bred mainly for the ability to hunt down foxes.


Average Dog Size


Average Dog Weight

13 -16

Average Bitch Size


Average Bitch Weight

11 - 14

Average Litter Size


Average Life Expectancy


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