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General Description

A tall elegant dog with a long narrow head. A medium length coat that can be wavy or curly. Colours can be tan, white, grey with black or golden. They can be any one of these colours or can be a mixture of several.

General Health

They can be sensitive to anesthetics.

Hereditary Illnesses

Borzois suffer with bloatedness and metabolic bone disease.

Character and Temperament

A loyal and intelligent dog. Very capable learners but need an experienced trainer as they are essentially hounds and free thinkers. Socialising from a very young age is important if they are to be around cats and other small animals. Borzoi are quiet animals and do not have the tendency to bark. They also enjoy their rest and are not keen on rough play which does not make them overly suited to young children.


Diet is very important up to the age of 1. They are not big eaters, but can become fussy if offered too many treats.


Borzois are very energetic dogs. They have a long stride and are capable of great speed. Long daily walks are recommended.


Borzoi's shed heavily seasonally. An easy coat to groom they require brushing regularly.


Borzois have been used for coursing wolves in Russia since the 17th century.


They are sometimes called a Russian Wolfhound.


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