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Boston Terrier

General Description

A small, compact muscular dog. A short, smooth coat that comes in black and white, brindle and white and brown and white.

General Health

May suffer from breathing difficulties when stressed.

Hereditary Illnesses

Heart and skin tumors are common with this breed.

Character and Temperament

The Boston terrier is an intelligent well mannered dog. They enjoy training and are well mannered and enthusiastic as well as being gentle and alert. The Boston Terrier is playful and friendly making it an ideal family pet.


No special requirements


long daily walks and outside time to play freely recommended. They rely on exercise and mental stimulation to prevent them becoming highly strung.


Easy to maintain. Brush with a hard bristle brush and bath only when necessary.


Bred from fighting dogs and terrier types. The Boston Terrier was named after its birthplace, Boston, USA.


Whelping is often difficult due to the puppies large heads and the small pelvis of the bitch. Cesarean sections are common.


Average Dog Size

15 - 17

Average Dog Weight

10 - 25

Average Bitch Size

15 - 17

Average Bitch Weight

10 - 25

Average Life Expectancy


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