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Bouvier Des Flandres

General Description

A large, compact and powerful dog with a large head and muscular body. They have a rugged double layered coat. Colours vary from fawn through to black.

General Health

Generally a hardy breed that's main problem is having a high pain threshold so problems or injuries can go untreated if undiscovered.

Hereditary Illnesses

Apart from higher than normal reports of eye problems there are no real major recorded illnesses.

Character and Temperament

A willful and intelligent dog capable of learning fast. Needs an experienced trainer that can demonstrate firm and consistent training. They can be dominant but with an experienced handler these dogs make a good family pet. They need early socialising and will make good watchdogs as they are very protective.


No special requirements


Restricted exercise during the first year to protect developing bones. An a good daily walk there after, better still to have two walks in a day.


A lot of grooming is needed to help keep them matt free.


Originally a cattle herding dog. Used a lot in World War 1 as a message carrier and rescue dog.


Average Dog Size

23 - 28

Average Dog Weight

70- 90

Average Bitch Size

22 - 27

Average Bitch Weight

60 - 80

Average Litter Size

average 8

Average Life Expectancy

10 - 12

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