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General Description

Compact and powerful, medium sized, very sturdy and muscular. They can have quite human like expression. Short shinny coat ranging in many colours from fawn, brindle, white, various reds with white markings.

General Health

A tendency to food allergies but can be overcome with the correct diet.

Hereditary Illnesses

A high number of tumors are reported in older dogs. Some white Boxers are prone to deafness.

Character and Temperament

Lively, strong, fearless animals. They are not aggressive but can defend themselves well. Boxers are puppylike for a long time, remaining playful, and are great as a family pet. Loyal and affectionate, they get on well with children. Needing good socialising and consistent training to understand human leadership. They make excellent guard/ watchdogs, its in their nature to protect you, your home and your family.


As long as the dog is showing no signs of allergies to food, generally in the form of skin conditions, no special requirements needed.


Plenty of exercise needed, a couple of good walks daily is recommended. They love to be off the lead and allowed to have a good run around.


Easy to maintain, a simple brush weekly keeps the coat in top condition.


This dog originated in Germany. First registered in the UK Kennel Club in 1933.


Boxers are slow whelpers and eclampsia is common.


Average Dog Size

22 - 25

Average Dog Weight

60 - 70

Average Bitch Size

21 - 24

Average Bitch Weight

55 - 65

Average Litter Size

2 - 10 average 6

Average Life Expectancy

8 - 11

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