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Bracco Italiano

General Description

Large and strong build. A square and muscular body shape. The coat is short haired, thick and glossy. The coat is mainly white and can have orange/ brown markings. The distinctively shaped head is a similar relation to that of the Bassett or bloodhound with long ears and well-developed jowls.

General Health

Can have possible hip dysplasia and eye problems but apart from that a healthy breed.

Hereditary Illnesses

No major hereditary issues.

Character and Temperament

The Bracco is a sensitive, gentle and even tempered dog, sensible yet slightly stubborn. Training needs to be carried out sensitively and consistently to get the best out of these dogs. They are keen and eager to learn and carry a lot of enthusiasm. They have the energy to run around hunting all day and then are ready to do it again the next day. Usually friendly with strangers or other dogs and tolerant with children, they make a good family pet however may be problematic with smaller pets.


These dogs can have the tendency to bloat so two smaller meals a day is recommended instead of one large meal.


These dogs are naturally an outdoor working dog so they require a good amount of exercise daily including long walks and free running. Although their requirement for exercise is high they do calm and are quiet at home. The Bracco is a vigorous hunter.


One of the easiest to groom, simply a brush once a week to remove and dead hair.


Known as far back as 2000 years ago. The Italian hunters in the 18th Century used them for hunting and tracking game. They have only been in the Uk since the 1980's. They were used for retrieving on land and in water.


Average Dog Size

22 - 26

Average Dog Weight

54- 91

Average Bitch Size

22 - 26

Average Bitch Weight

54 - 91

Average Litter Size


Average Life Expectancy


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