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General Description

Medium sized dog with a dense coat, some feathering. Squarely built. Colours can be white and black, liver and black, orange and white, and tri colours.

General Health

Generally a healthy breed.

Hereditary Illnesses

Hip dysplasia is carefully watched whe breeding.

Character and Temperament

Essentially a working dog that needs mental stimulation as well as physical. A loving nature that is kind and loyal and eager to please. Good to train with a natural instinct to hunt.


No special requirements


These dogs need good daily walks and lots of mental exercise. They love to hunt so will follow scents for miles.


About once a week depending on outdoor activity.


Originating from the centre of Brittany in Callac. Today's most popular gundog in france.


Average Dog Size

19 - 20

Average Dog Weight

33 - 40

Average Bitch Size

19 - 20

Average Bitch Weight

33 - 40

Average Litter Size

6 average

Average Life Expectancy

12 - 15

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