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General Description

A large, powerfully built dog. A short rough coat in colours of fawn, reds, and browns.

General Health

Generally healthy day to day. Can have a tendency to bloat so smaller meals more often is recommended.

Hereditary Illnesses

Bullmastiff can be prone to cancer. Other reported issues to be aware of are: Hip dysplasia, tumours and some eye problems.

Character and Temperament

They love human attention and can be calm and tolerant of children. A loyal dog that is very protective and needs to be socialised from an early age. It is recommended that introductions to strangers are done by people who the dog trust. An experienced handler is needed for training due to their willful nature. It is not a difficult dog to train but does need a handler that can assert his authority. A devoted guard dog with a good natured temperment.


No special requirements.


Restricted exercise until the dog has reached 12 months is recommended. After that a good daily walk is required.


Simple grooming, a mitt is good, to remove any dead/loose hair.


Created in the late 1800's to catch poachers. They were not trained to kill but to overpower their target. Since then they have been used in the Army and as a police dog and hunting/guarding.


Not an easy breed to mate, caesareans are common because they are slow to whelp.


Average Dog Size

25 - 27

Average Dog Weight

110 - 130

Average Bitch Size

24 - 26

Average Bitch Weight

90 - 110

Average Litter Size


Average Life Expectancy

9 - 15

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