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Canaan Dog

General Description

A medium sized, squarely built dog. A harsh double coat with a bushy tail that curls when the dog is alert. Colours can be black, brown or white. Some have patchy colours.

General Health

Generally a very healthy breed

Hereditary Illnesses

This breed has the one of the lowest reports of hip dysplasia.

Character and Temperament

This dog has many good attributes. It is a strong, independent, intelligent, obedient and dependable breed. Possessing a protective nature, would make an excellent watchdog. They bond very well with one person or family unit and will become very territorial. They need to be well socialised when young as they can be wary of strangers and may be aggressive to other dogs. Training needs to be varied so they dont get bored.


No special requirements


Long daily walks recommended


The coat needs brushing once a week. Daily brushing is required when they are moulting as hair can come out in handfuls. If there are two or more of these dogs in the household they will groom eachother.


An ancient breed from the Middle East. These dogs were bred from wild dogs in Israel and are among the few natural breeds. They are still used today to Guard and herd sheep.


They have been used well in war for search & rescue, mine detector, messenger and tracker.

Pictures of dogs looking similar were found in tombs dating back to 2200BC.


Average Dog Size

22 - 24

Average Dog Weight


Average Bitch Size

22 -24

Average Bitch Weight


Average Life Expectancy


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