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Canadian Eskimo Dog

General Description

A well proportioned medium/large sized dog with a long,curly bushy tail. A powerful dog built for strength not speed. Double coated thick and tough outer coat with a dense, stiff undercoat.

General Health

Generally a healthy breed

Hereditary Illnesses

There are no major hereditary diseases reported for this breed.

Character and Temperament

Because this breed has been working with humans for a long time they are gentle and affectionate animals. As a working dog more than a family pet these dogs would benefit from being in a house hold without children as they can over react to too much stimulation.


No special requirements


These dogs require a lot of mental and physical stimulation as this breed has always been a working dog.


When warmer weather approaches and they shed their dense undercoat regular grooming is needed as mats can quickly form.


An Ancient breed used in the Canadian Arctic for sled pulling .Becoming known for being capable of pulling some of the heaviest loads for the longest distances.


Average Dog Size

20 - 27

Average Dog Weight

60 - 90

Average Bitch Size

20 - 27

Average Bitch Weight

60 - 90

Average Life Expectancy

12 - 15

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