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Catalan Sheepdog

General Description

A medium well balanced dog , strongly built and in proportion. Doubled coated, long wavy outercoat and a rough, thick undercoat. The colours vary from grey, fawn, brindle, sable, can vary in shades throughout the body.

General Health

Generally a healthy breed

Hereditary Illnesses

Hip dysplasia has been known with this breed.

Character and Temperament

A loyal and gentle dog that has a calm appearance. They can be very lively, active and intelligent. A quick learner making training easy. These dogs get on well with all members in a household including other dogs and pets.


No special requirements


They have a herding instinct so need plenty of mental and physical exercise.


Regular grooming is required to keep these dogs looking their best and their coats healthy.


Used as sheepdogs in Roman times in Spain.


Average Dog Size

18 - 20

Average Dog Weight

40 - 55

Average Bitch Size

18 - 20

Average Bitch Weight

40 - 55

Average Life Expectancy

12 -14

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