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Cesky Terrier

General Description

a small dog with a long neck low set body. They have bushy beards, eyebrows and moustache. Cesky Terriers have soft and silky coats. Normally grey/blue in colour, can vary to light brown.

General Health

Generally a hardy breed.

Hereditary Illnesses

As this is a relatively new breed there are no major hereditary illnesses reported.

Character and Temperament

These dogs love company, they like to be around someone all the time, animal or human. It is important to socialise them early so they do not become nervous of strangers. A good family pet that is affectionate and adaptable.


No special requirements.


They enjoy exercise and have a good amount of stamina. A good walk or play in the garden daily is recommended.


Frequent trimming required and a weekly groom advised.


The first litter was born in 1950 by Dr Frantisek Horack who was trying to create a family dog that was also suitable to hunt and show.


Cesky's are always born black and the colour develops later, sometimes up to two years.


Average Dog Size


Average Dog Weight


Average Bitch Size


Average Bitch Weight


Average Litter Size


Average Life Expectancy

9 - 15

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