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Chihuahua (Long Haired)

General Description

Tiny dogs with large, round, dark eyes. Their body is longer than it is tall and the tail curls over their back to the side. They have long hair in various colours including chestnut, blue/silvers, sand, black and tan, and fawn.

General Health

Because of their short noses Chihuahua's can weeze and snore. Caesareans are common as puppies are born with large heads.

Hereditary Illnesses

The eyes can be affected by Corneal dryness and secondary glaucoma.

Character and Temperament

Tending to bond closely to one or two people, the chihuahua can be nervous and yappy around strangers. They need to be socialised early if they are to get on with children and other household pets. They make a good guard dog as they are very terretorial. They make excellent pets for single people and the elderly as when they are with their master they are very affectionate and loving.


Little and often is the key here to not overfeed this breed.


They tend to have bursts of energy and enjoy a good play. A short daily walk is recommended using a harness not a lead as they have fragile windpipes.


Weekly brushing recomended.


Thought to go back as far as the 5th Century. Pyramids in Yucatan have carvings of Chihuahua like dogs and more images have been seen in a monastery placed between Mexico City and Pubela.


Average Dog Size


Average Dog Weight


Average Bitch Size


Average Bitch Weight


Average Litter Size

2 - 3

Average Life Expectancy


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