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General Description

Cockapoos are bred more for temperament than for appearance, and they tend to inherit the sweet, loving and friendly natures common with both parent breeds. They are highly intelligent, easy to train and also typically inherit the poodle's enthusiasm and tendency to be little jokers.

General Health

Owners of a Cockapoo need to be aware that the Cockapoo is sensitive to allergens and tends to develop allergies that present with itchiness, skin irritations and dermatitis. It is recommended to keep an eye on your dog's skin health at all times.

Character and Temperament

Intelligent, friendly, loving, outgoing and active


Adult cockapoos have lots of energy and will need at least 30 minutes of exercise twice daily to stay healthy and stimulated. It's important to remember that puppies shouldn't be over exercised as their joints and bones are still growing.


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