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Coton De Tulear

General Description

A small dog with long soft hair and large prominent eyes. A lightly built dog that comes in a variety of colours but the preffered is white.

General Health

A generally healthy breed.

Hereditary Illnesses

No major hereditary illnesses listed.

Character and Temperament

A playful and affectionate dog. This dog does not like to be alone and is happiest around people. Coton's are quite vocal, they enjoy a good play and have a lively and enthusiastic character. Socialising when young is important to make sure these dogs do not become shy around new situations or people. Coton's love company and enjoy being in a pack, they get on well with most breeds.


Small meals a couple of times a day is better than one large meal for this breed.


A daily walk is advised along with times during the day to play. They do have the stamina to endure a long walk but short daily walks are recommended


The long fluffy coat needs regular grooming. Daily is recommended and a bath once a month.


Developed on the island of Madagascar in the 16th century after being brought to the island on pirate ships. They still are the islands national dog.


Cotons are hypoallergenic so they have hair a lot like human hair, making them very popular and compatible with people who have allergies.


Average Dog Size

10 - 12

Average Dog Weight

12 - 15

Average Bitch Size

10 - 12

Average Bitch Weight

12 - 15

Average Life Expectancy

14 - 16

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