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General Description

Deerhounds are very athletic in appearance. They resemble a long-haired Greyhound. Deerhounds can be a variety of colours.

Hereditary Illnesses

Professional breeders are trying to eradicate Liver Shunt problems, and so have begun a screening programme.?

Character and Temperament

Deerhounds are very intelligent dogs that are keen to please, making them very obedient. They have low levels of aggression and do not bark much, so they are not recommended to be used as guard dogs. Deerhounds are very friendly and get on well with children, but they must be socialised from an early age with other animals as their hunting instinct is still very strong.


Deerhounds are a very energetic breed, so plenty of sustenance is required. Two smaller meals are better than one large one. They also require adequate feeding up to 12 months old as this will prevent bone and joint problems later in life.


A good daily walk is recommended.


Their coat is quite shaggy, but not very thick, so brushing once a week is adequate.


Originally used in the Scottish Highlands to hunt deer.


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