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General Description

Dobermans are very powerful, yet elegant, with a smooth, silky coat. Mostly they are black with tan markings.

Hereditary Illnesses

Unfortunately these dogs can inherit a disease called Von Willebrands disease (VWd). It is advised to check from your breeder that the parents of your puppy have been tested.

Character and Temperament

Dobermans have active minds as well as body's. They are strong and powerful dogs and with all dogs of this type, they need to understand the pack leadership. Consistent training from a young age is important. As long as early socialisation and good training is in place Dobermans make good family pet, loyal and certainly protective. Children need to be trained also to know how to handle Dobermans as they do not take well to teasing or rough handling. Dobermans are best suited to experienced dog handlers that have the time to put the effort in to bring out the best in this breed.


Dobermans can be prone to bloating, so two smaller meals are better than one large one. Do not feed before exercise.


Good Mental and physical exercise is important here. They have lots of energy, but exercise should be supervised before the age of 12 months, so that the bones develop properly.


Once a week to remove any dead hair.




After the breed was created in Germany, they became popular in America before coming to England after WWII.


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