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English Bulldog

General Description

A short, sturdy body. Loose skin at the neck, head and shoulders.

General Health

Very susceptible to heatstroke in hot weather.

Hereditary Illnesses

Some can have breathing problems due to small windpipes. There is a tendency for them to have skin problems.

Character and Temperament

One of the more gentle breeds that has a massive need for affection and an enormous need to give it. A family dog that gets on well with children and will protect the family unit well. Firm and consistent training is needed but by no means rough or aggressive with the voice.


Careful monitoring is needed to make sure this breed does not over eat.


A couple of walks a day is adequate. They should never be over exercised in the heat of the day.


Their short smooth coat needs a simple brush once a week to keep it tidy.


It began its life as a bull baiter in the 13th Century. When baiting was outlawed in 1835 breeders worked on removing the aggressive elements and focused on producing a good natured family pet.


Bulldogs need constant help and assistance during whelping, even so, 80-90% of bitches end up having a caesarean.


Average Dog Size

12 - 14

Average Dog Weight

51 - 55

Average Bitch Size

12 - 14

Average Bitch Weight

51 - 55

Average Life Expectancy

9 - 15

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