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General Description

The Eurasier is a medium-sized dog with a thick, medium-long coat that can come in a variety of colors. Confident, calm, and well-balanced, he is loyal to the entire family, but reserved towards strangers.

General Health

Some of the more common health problems Eurasier suffers from include: Hip dysplasia, Patellar luxation; Hypothyroidism; Eye problems. 

Character and Temperament

Watchful, reserved, alert, even-tempered, intelligent and calm


The Eurasier's activity level is medium to fair. They enjoy daily walks but are not excessively active or energetic.


Eurasiers originated in Germany in 1960, when the founder, Julius Wipfel, set out together with Charlotte Baldamus and a small group of enthusiasts to create a breed with the best qualities of the Chow Chow and the Wolfspitz.


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