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General Description

The English Foxhound is an easygoing dog but they do need plenty of daily exercise. They are high-energy dogs, but with the proper amount of exercise, they are gentle, social, and relaxed indoors. Since they are bred to run for miles, they can make good hiking and running companions

General Health

Foxhounds are highly active and generally healthy with an average lifespan of 10-13 years. They can develop some common diseases such as hip or elbow dysplasia and hypothyroidism.

Hereditary Illnesses

This breed is not generally a breed that carries genetic disorders. However, they can easily become overweight when overfed. There is a minor health risk in American Foxhounds is thrombocytopathy or platelet disease

Character and Temperament

Prized for his stamina, keen nose and determination, the Foxhound is a versatile hunter whose roots are from Great Britain and date back to before 1800.


Select a dry dog food with high-quality meat ingredients, protein levels and higher fat content. Try to stay away from dog foods that list soy or corn products as one of the first five ingredients. These are safe ingredients for a dog, but the Foxhound is an active breed and it will need higher-quality nutrition to keep up its energy level


1 hour per day




Some historians place the initial development of the English foxhound as far back as the 13th century. Detailed breeding records have been kept by the British Master of Foxhounds Association since around 1800.


The English foxhound was developed specifically to run in packs and chase foxes. This is the breed still used in traditional English fox hunts, where hunters on horseback accompany the dog as the red fox is being chased. The dog's forebears include the bloodhound, greyhound, bulldog and fox terrier.


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